Yogas on Dream, Sleep & Death

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Death and Dying: A Retreat on the Great Matter
Death is considered to be the most important and pivotal experience in a yogin’s life. It is the one moment when you can permanently recognize your own True Nature or svasvabhava, and become liberated even if you were not able to free yourself from samsara during your lifetime.

After receiving the proper knowledge and being instructed in the practices of dream, sleep and death yogas, you will be able to successfully guide yourself through the process of death into full enlightenment or re-birth into an exalted state from which you can easily attain full realization after some practice in that divine realm.

This technology was transmitted by the Mahāsiddhas, great female and male yogins, who journeyed beyond death and back in order to offer us ordinary beings a way out of the endless cycle of birth – death – and re-birth. This teaching is extraordinarily profound and is said to be the most valuable of all. The beauty of the dying process and the moment of death itself is that it provides a unique “portal” wherein you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to jump beyond your mind and its constant production of limiting karma that obscures your true nature.

The ancient teachings on death and dying give you the tools and understanding to successfully navigate the dying process and the after death states. By applying the death practices in your daily spiritual routine and invoking their effect at the moment of death, you will increase your opportunity to attain full realization in this lifetime. We call it “Spiritual Life Insurance”, everyone should have it.

Program includes:
     ● Teachings and practices on death and dying as a moment to moment integration practice resulting in rapid movement through the first 6 stages of the 12 Stage View Teaching.
     ● Transmission of the Brhadaranyaka Upanisad chant performed as meditation on death and impermanence as well as for benefitting those who are dying.
     ● Transmission of the Mahāmrtyunjaya and its three “bija” or seed syllables, and how to use it for cultivating non-attachment and how to dedicate it for the benefit of those who have just died and are transiting the after-death states.
     ● Clear explanation of the process of the dissolution of the 5 elements during the various types of death one may encounter, and how to usefully assist the dissolution process, instead of impede it.
     ● Explanations of the different types of “deaths” attainable through practicing non-dual Dharma.
     ● Clear teachings differentiating the destinations reached by the being after death, based on the type of life lived and practices mastered.
     ● Teachings on the nature of the “self”, and what it is that dies and is reborn.
     ● Explanation of the daily rituals one practices for their own cultivation of death yoga, and a clear explanation of the ritual, chanting, prayers, mantra and visualization performed for someone who has recently died.

Dream & Sleep Yoga
Dream and Sleep Yogas are a little known and rarely taught category of teachings and practices. This cycle of teachings explains the relationship between the states of dream, sleep, waking and full enlightenment.


Dream and Sleep Yoga are very different practices than the modern practice of “lucid dreaming”, and they yield a very different result – liberation or enlightenment. It is often said in the non-dual meditation and yoga traditions that in order for you to attain irreversible realization you must be fully realized in the dream and sleep states as well as in the waking state. This means to have completely pierced the limitations of the mind of the dreaming and sleeping states, and thereby abide in your true nature.

Applying the practices of dream and sleep yoga feeds your formal seated practice and your state of integration in normal life circumstances making both of them deeper and more stable. Oddly enough dream and sleep yogas clarify your waking state in a way that is very difficult to attain without practicing them. Conversely your practices performed in the waking state should deepen your abilities in the methods of dream and sleep. The clarity and presence developed in dream and sleep yoga empowers your practice of meditation. Therefore, the practices of dream yoga and meditation are two sides of the same coin that reify the results of both practices.

It is the traditional View of the non-dual Dharma traditions that it is nearly impossible to gain full release from suffering and attainment of realization without mastery of dream and sleep yogas. Mastery of them does not come quickly or easily for most people, but with consistently mild effort you will be able to gain total mastery of dream, sleep and ultimately the death state.

The after-death states are quite dream-like in many ways. The more proficient you are in dream yoga, the more comfort, ease and mastery you will have in your death process when it comes. It would be incomplete to discuss the death & dying Teachings without the view and practice of dream and sleep yoga. In this program you will learn the essential outer and inner practices and teachings of the dream, sleep and death yogas of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga.

Program includes:
     ● Dream Yoga Mantra Initiation
     ● Step-by-step instruction in the Outer & Inner practices of:
         ◯ Dream Yoga Sleep     
         ◯ Yoga of Clear Light
     ● Text references to the practices and their desired results.
     ● Clarifying the various categories of dreams to understand their significance in your spiritual practice and overall trajectory.
     ● Clarifying significant dream symbology as a system of feedback from your inner psyche on the process of kundalinī awakening and expansion.

Retreat Structure:

In Central Asia and India, it was common for students to gather and receive
teachings in an intimate setting over tea with the teacher in her or his living space. Call us sentimental – but we are bringing this structure back. Teachings will be held in Dharma Bodhi’s living room (located on the beautiful pacific coast of Costa Rica).

A healthy lunch provided each day. Please let us know in advance if you have any medical allergies to certain foods, as well as whether or not you are a vegetarian or omnivore.

Retreat Schedule:

9am – 12pm: View Teachings & Meditation Practice
12pm – 1:15pm: Lunch & Rest
1:15pm – 5:30: View Teachings & Meditation Practice


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