Trika Mahasiddha Yoga - Level I : Certification Embodying the Principles

Oct 28, 2018 - Nov 08, 2018 Venue: Zidao-Trika Retreat Center, Thailand Contact: Price: $2460.00

Come to the rural mountains of Thailand for a complete immersion in the powerful fundamentals of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga. This training will be taught by Kol Martens (Dharma Bodhi), Founder of Trika Method and Yogacarya. This program is designed for students who wish to deepen their own practice as well as for students who are interested in becoming Yoga Instructors for Trika Method. Learn yoga as it was intended - a path to self-realization. As stated in the Ratnasara Tantra, “Know the truth of the body; know the truth of the Universe.”

Level - I Objectives:

-Develop unbroken connection to sensations (prana)
- Purge excess wind, fire and water elements to re-harmonize and optimize body-mind health
- Create foundation for deeper experience of path and health maintenance
- Uncover and begin the process of healing deeply stored emotional trauma
- For women in particular → activate red bindu & connection via Earth Nadi (channel)

Level - I Themes to Explore:

-The Way of the Mahasiddhas (Great Beings of Attainment)
- Origins, Background & Evolution of Yoga
- Understanding Karma in the Context of Yoga and the “Body-Emotion-Thinking” Vehicle
- Differences Between Original Yoga as Taught by Mahasiddhas and Modern Postural Yoga
- Purpose of Yoga: Achieving Union with Entire Universe
- Base Mind vs. Mind Function, Union of B-E-M triad, Expanding Stillpoint
- Yoga & Diet: Path of Drying Up vs. Juicing Up
- The "Thinking Body": Reconditioning Process through Yoga
- 3 Hallmarks of the Yoga Path
- The Fundamentals of "Arriving" (Key Aspect of Practitioner's Basic Sanity Base)
- Science of Mantra
- Esoteric Anatomy 101
- Texts of the Tradition (Oral vs. Text transmission)
- How to Organize Practice By Nadi & Bindu
- Awarenesses of Yoga Practice: Sensation Enhancement Training

The course fee ($2460) is all-inclusive (accommodation, food, travel during the retreat & teaching fee). If you sign up with a friend: ($2310)

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