Transforming Your “Closed Symbols” through 6 Realms Yoga

Apr 05, 2018 - Apr 08, 2018 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM Venue: ZiDao Academy. 3rd Floor., Unit A301, No. 456 BiPo Road, ZhangJiang District, Pudong, Shanghai Contact:

To optimize our lives and thrive we need to identify our inner mental, emotional, energetic blockages and transform them. The problem is that these inner blockages are not easily accessible to our conscious minds. In fact it is the deepest blockages stored as energy patterns in our unconscious minds that actually cause us to act, feel or think in a way that we know isn’t good for us, and yet we act in these ways anyway…they seem out of our control. We want to change and grow, but it seems impossible to change these negative energy patterns.

The ancient masters of Tantrik Yoga knew about the unconscious mind and developed techniques that allow you to access these “closed symbols” that are locked into your chakras and elements. During this program you will be taught how to self-assess which of the 6 patterns of unconscious blockage is expressing in your life, holding you back from completing the journey of self-healing and fulfillment. You will learn the 6 specific techniques for transforming each of these negative energy patterns or “realms”. They’re called realms (referred to as the “6 illusory dreams” in the Trika Method Mind Journey) because they create our perception of ourselves, others and the world….they create our experience!

The 6 Realm Yoga methods use simple, non-strenuous yoga postures, specific breath patterns, focused visualizations, power mantras, and the invocation of antidotal virtues to transform your negative energy patterns into pure light of virtue.

Best of all this is a self-empowering system of self-healing and self-awakening because you perform it yourself. You don’t need a healer or therapist to do it for you. To fulfill your potential you must learn to go deep, beyond your conscious mind to access the unlimited transformational power of your Essence within. The secret teachings of 6 Realm Yoga have been helping yogins achieve full realization for thousands of years – now this secret method is available to you.

For more information or to register, contact → Lulu Averia

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