The Tantrik Enneagram System

Apr 14, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018 08:30 AM - 06:30 PM Venue: ZiDao Academy. 3rd Floor., Unit A301, No. 456 BiPo Road, ZhangJiang District, Pudong, Shanghai Contact:

The Tantrik Enneagram is an ancient system that teaches how the ordinary personality we are born with holds many keys to unlocking the human path of realization. Tantrik enneagram teaches you how to identify which of the major 27 personality types you belong to and how to transform the limited karma of personality and emotion into a "Wisdom Display" of enlightened virtues and actions. Tantrik Enneagram originated in the steppes of Central Asia, the home of Non-Dual Tantra and Daojia. For thousands of years it was highly regarded as secret until popularized in the West by the great Greek-Armenian mystic named Gurdjief. In modern times the Catholic Church and psychology adopted Enneagram teachings but they lacked the original Tantrik View and Methodology that makes the Tantrik Enneagram such a powerful system of self-transformation rather than merely theory.

In the Tantrik Enneagram Level I Program you will discover your Enneagram personality type and its unique package of karmas that must be recognized and transformed in order for you to continue progress on the Path of Human Realization. You will learn how these unique karmic patterns express as emotional reactivity, thought patterns and behavior patterns. You'll learn how to cultivate unshakeable Present Moment Awareness so that you can transform the arising karmas of personality. You'll also learn the most important feature of Level I Training - how your negative emotions that arise from karmic patterning causing your obstacles actually hold the keys to you full realization and enjoyment of life when properly understood and transformed.

Price: ¥ 2800 (Early Bird Discount: ¥ 2500) (If registering for 6 Realms teaching: ¥ 2200)

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