The Path of Ultimate Intimacy - Level I Arriving

May 31, 2019 - Jun 09, 2019 Venue: ZiDao Academy. 3rd Floor., Unit A301, No. 456 BiPo Road, ZhangJiang District, Pudong, Shanghai Contact:

“Without intimacy with yourself - you can never be truly intimate with others or the Universe.”

Part One -  May 31st & 2nd: 9am - 12pm + 2pm - 6pm and the evenings of June 4th – 6th.

Unblock the limiting energies of your second cakra to release the abundant joy, self-nourishment, true pleasure, and self-empowerment lying dormant within. In this program you will explore the specific energies associated with the second cakra – called svadhisthana in Sanskrit, which means “home of the self”.

Most people get stuck on their path, going round and round without ever really mastering themselves or life. This occurs because they haven’t fully explored, refined and strengthened all the aspects of the second cakra – most importantly the emotions, sexuality and the Ahankara or “self-image maker”. The second cakra is very powerful. It is the unseen force ruling our thoughts, emotions, decision-making and behaviors. It must be fully explored for true attainment in life.

This program is a journey of healing and discovery into the second cakra, to clear your inner obstacles. This allows you to fully arrive in your body and life, to really inhabit, nourish and celebrate your life, instead of dragging yourself along day by day sadly hoping that life will get better.

The ancient masters called Mahasiddhas, taught how to directly transform the obstacle energy of the second cakra, to experience your inherent state of unity at all three levels of existence (self, other, world). This type of intimacy produces unbroken joy, equanimity and wisdom.

This program will take you on a journey into your sensations, emotions and vital energy of life. You’ll start off in exercises to awaken and expand the 5 senses, and from there you’ll practice the foundational exercises for creating clear self-reflective awareness. With these two skills you will move into an exploration of your emotional and sexual energies.

You will gain the understanding and skill set needed to transform your own negative emotions into their opposite virtue-energy and health giving vitality.

Each day you will be led through many exercises ensuring your ability to use this profound technology of change after you leave the program.

The goal of Level I – Arriving is to bring you into a deeply intimate relationship with your actual situation – that is your body’s living sensations, emotions, and sexual life force energy.

Part Two – June 7th – 9th: 9am - 12pm + 2pm - 6pm

In part two you will learn the evolution of human sexuality and how you may carry unconscious limitations or traumas related to your sexual repression or inhibition stored in your body. These block or limit the flow of this most powerful energy of life, without which we cannot be happy, satisfied, creative or even healthy.

Once your emotional, sensual and sexual and energies have been unblocked you will be taught how desire and your “self-image” making machinery organizes these energies to form “who you are”. You’ll learn to take over the usually unconscious process of self-image formation so you can re-create yourself in a much higher order of magnitude, one of your choosing!

At this point in the program you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to begin to reveal your unique life purpose, and you will participate in many exercises aimed at discovering, refining and strengthening your connection to your purpose or Nadi (in Sanskrit). This discovery will tie everything you’ve learned together, and set the stage for the next level of training in the Path of Ultimate Intimacy.

*Note: Completion of this program is an essential pre-requisite for attending the next level of The Path of Ultimate Intimacy and any other Trika Mahasiddha practitioner path programs.

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