The 12-Stage View Teachings

Oct 03, 2018 - Oct 05, 2018 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Venue: Zidao Center. 3rd Floor., Unit A301, No. 456 BiPo Road, ZhangJiang District, Pudong, Shanghai Contact:

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Transmission of the 12 Stage View Teaching gives the aspiring student a clear understanding of the full human path from spiritual ignorance to radiant enlightenment. The path consists of 12 developmental phases that every human traverses through on the journey to recognizing her or his true nature.

During the program the student will be able identify their current phase, learn what is needed to stabilize that phase, and how to traverse onto the next. This clear view allows the student to thrive working exactly where they are at, rather than working above or below their natural stage of development which often leads to frustration, confusion and little result. Several practice sessions will be provided to give supportive instruction and experience to establish a fundamental foundation to one’s spiritual work.

This teaching is highly recommended as guidance for the student who does not have regular contact with their guru or lama. Understanding the 12-stage path allows the student to progress smoothly and avoid the pitfalls that come with self-guidance. In this way the 12 Stage View Teaching is seen as an extension of the great masters of the Mahasiddha Tradition.

Come learn this transmission in Shanghai, China. Become part of a growing community of practitioners of the New Mahasiddha Tradition.

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