Reclaiming Sacred Passion

Feb 13, 2020 - Feb 18, 2020 Venue: Trika Center, Uvita, Costa Rica Contact:

Price: Early Registration Discount (before Dec. 22nd) =1,295 USD
Normal Registration Rate (after Dec. 22nd) = 1,500 USD

Reclaiming Sacred Passion

Here’s what you’ll be doing…

    ● Using Tantrik Yoga’s body-energy-mind techniques to resolve psychosexual imbalances, such as: trauma, inhibition and passion-based compulsions.
    ● Learning to free yourself from the root causes of emotional suffering and establish grounding in the Essence-based virtues of your personality.
    ● Discovering the sacred nature of sexual desire and its fulfillment, thus ending ceaseless craving and the objectification of others.


Trika Psychology is a system of mental & emotional healing derived from the meditation tradition of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga.

In Trika Psychology emotions and sexuality are considered to be the very energies of vitality, creativity and compassion, and the vehicles by which we intimately connect with the self, others and the world at large. These energies must be accepted and allowed to express in natural ways, since good health will never be attained by forced control or repression. Psychosexual imbalances will only resolve once the struggle against the self has ended, and we master the inherent power held prisoner within limited behaviors of emotional and sexual conditioning.

In traditional Tantrik Yoga, the 2nd chakra is known as the home of emotions, sexual desires, and the self-image-making mechanism (ahankara), and so lay the foundation for most of our experience of life. With unhealthy 2nd chakra functioning, it is extremely difficult to extract life's beauty, pleasure, joy and fulfillment. As it’s a very long and strenuous road to process our deep-seated conditioning through the rational mind and talk therapy alone, Trika Psychology employs yoga’s body-energy-mind technologies to access and heal the deeper layers of the psyche.

*Please note that there will not be any sexual contact nor sexual practices instructed at this retreat.

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