Kundalini Hatha Yoga - Level II

Aug 17, 2020 - Aug 26, 2020 Venue: Trika Center, Uvita, Costa Rica Contact: trikapath@gmail.com

Price: Before July 1st: $1,595
After July 1st: $1,700

Kundalini Hatha Yoga Level II

The Practice of Kumbhaka – Creating the Vase & Refining the Energy of the Lower Kumbha.

Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga’s program in traditional Kundalinī Hatha Yoga of spiritual liberation is taught in five progressive levels, the first of which is offered free online through the website.

Often people aspire to mental realization acquired through meditative practice alone, and then struggle to figure out how to integrate their passions with the path. In contrast, the attainment of full realization that includes the body, the energy and the mind is the goal of traditional Kundalinī Hatha Yoga.

This path which is called the “Way of Fire”, gives many clear non-ambiguous checkpoints along the way enabling the practitioner to easily track their progress. The beauty of this path is that it also includes the emotions, sexual desire, physical health, integrated conduct, and the liberation of the conditioned mind to abide in its own enlightened nature. This makes Kundalini Hatha Yoga a complete path of spiritual realization and liberation.

Modern yoga has veered off in a new direction emphasizing physical parameters of health, fitness, beauty, etc., and occasionally has adopted Buddhist meditation, Patanjali’s sutras, or Tantra in attempt to “spiritualize” physically oriented postural yoga. In contrast, Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga’s Kundalinī Hatha Yoga comes to us from an unbroken lineage of realized yogins. The entire system is a fully integrated enlightenment process based on the body and its energies that has been producing enlightened masters for literally thousands of years.

In Level I the Body-Energy Complex & the 5 Elements were purified and strengthened. Building on that foundation, in Level II you’ll create a powerful container (kumbha) within your body-energy complex and be taught how to generate energy, accumulate it, and store it there. To accomplish the creation of the kumbha you’ll learn the traditional way of combining specific pranayama technique progressions, mudra, bandha and asana in each moment of the practice. This is one of the key differences between authentic Kundalinī Hatha Yoga of the Mahāsiddha tradition and modern postural yoga.

Whereas the focus of Level I was on balancing prana, by removing energy blocks in the system and harmonizing the 5 elements, in the next step of the journey you’ll focus on generating more life-force (prana), storing it, combined with awakening and strengthening the channel system (nadis) that distributes the life-force throughout the body-mind complex.

Relevant verses (sutras) from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Śiva Sutras are studied in order to place the teachings and practices in the context of the live and unbroken tradition of the ancients, and to help refine your understanding of the way in which the process of kundalini works. Dharma Bodhi offers the essential parallel oral instructions necessary to open the deeper teachings encoded in each verse and shares his decades of experience in these practices.

The Empowerments you will receive:
    · Śiva Empowerment
          – Śiva is the iconic symbol of the attainment of the Way of Fire, and of the Spacious Hosting aspect of your self-perfected nature. Śiva empowerment is said to give a deep reference point for the ultimate experience of the “space” aspect of your essential nature which will passively guide you on your journey home.
    · Mā Prānāśakti Empowerment
          – She is the Red Goddess, the icon of the summation of all manifested Life-Force energy. Her empowerment awakens your connection to the unlimited potential energy of your essential nature that you will be working with throughout the entire journey of self-liberation.
    · Mantra Empowerment
          – Mantras are packets of vibrational or sound power. The tradition considers it important to receive mantra empowerments from someone who has been initiated into, and has gained the fruit of the practice of the mantra (they are called a vidyādhara). The Vidyādhara is the holder of the mantras “awareness-energy” (mantraśakti or vidyāśakti) and can share this with students through ceremony. You will receive the mantra empowerments of the Gayatri and the Mahāmrtyunjaya Mantras. These are both foundational mantras that prepare the energy body for alchemical transformations and give the fruit of realization via radiant luminosity and ultimate non-attachment respectively.

If you intend to use the Way of Fire (the complete path of Kundalinī Hatha Yoga as offered by Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga) as your main vehicle for realizing your true nature, then Level II is the next step in the process. And Level II is also highly recommended for practitioners of any of the other Ways (Water, Meditation, Mirror-Consorts, Warrior) as well, because even though the physico-energetic alchemy is not the main objective in the other Ways, the training in Level II will assist the attainment of the Fruit (siddhi) of the other Ways as well.

Each day you will have:

  1.     ◯ 2 practice sessions
  2.     ◯ 1 technique lab
  3.     ◯ 2 teachings sessions
  4.     ◯ Ample time for refining questions and answers


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