Entering the Stream

Sep 21, 2020 - Sep 27, 2020 Venue: Trika Center, Uvita, Costa Rica Contact: trikapath@gmail.com

Price: Before August 1st = $1,100
After August 1st = $1,300
To register or for inquiries contact: trikapath@gmail.com

Entering the Stream

In-Depth Transmission of the Foundation Teachings & Practices of TMY

*Focused on 12 Stage View & Finding Your Unique Path within the 5 Ways

You will receive personal instruction in the Trika Mahasiddha Yoga Tradition, a tried and true path that brings sincere practitioners to fully embodied realization of their True Nature. You’ll receive core oral-teachings and authentic practices from this unbroken lineage, providing you with a foundation imbedded in the experiential wisdom of the great Yogis of India and Tibet.

After this training you will walk away with the clarity and confidence to quick-start or amplify your existing practice of the 6 Ways to Self-Realiza- tion within Trika Mahasiddha Yoga.

In Central Asia and India, it was common for students to gather and receive teachings in an intimate setting over tea with the teacher in her or his living space. Call us sentimental – as we are bringing this structure back.

This retreat is limited to fifteen participants and time in class will be dedicated to answering all questions that arise in order to meet each person where she or he is at - in relation to their background, interests & current stage of spiritual development.

Retreat Includes:

Personal Mahakala Astrology Session: On the first day you will receive a one-one Mahakala Tantrik Astrology session with Dharma Bodhi. This will bring to light the core samskaras (limiting karmic impressions) that create obstacles to your realization. You will also receive insights about your inborn strengths and aptitudes. With this information you will be able to tailor a unique approach to practice and your overall path in Trika Mahasiddha Yoga.

Kundalini Hatha Yoga: Each morning you’ll be guided in the practice of Kundalini Hatha Yoga. This is followed by a discussion of the key principles that distinguish the yoga of the Mahasiddhas, and how they were utilized during the practice session. You will learn how the yoga of the Mahasiddhas directly supports each of the 6 ways of the path.

12 Stage View Cycle of Teachings: Contrary to popular belief stable realization of one’s True Nature doesn’t occur in one momentary flash of “awakening”. The spiritual path has clearly defined stages everyone must traverse before attaining sustainable realization. The 12 Stages cover the entire journey from ignorance of our True Nature to actually becoming the ultimate potential inherent in all human beings - that of the Rainbow-Light-Body. Receiving the 12 Stage View Teaching helps you see your current stage of development, what’s next on the path, and how to get there.

The Practices & Teachings on Present, Presence & Real Time: “Just be present” is the usual advice given in spiritual workshops, books, and video classes. Though good advice, dissolving your concept-mind involves much more than hearing a nice idea. What are the varying degrees of present moment awareness? What is the relationship between intellect-mind, awareness-mind and enlightened-mind? How do you work with them? How are Presence and Flowing-Presence different than merely being “present”? How can you remain unbreakably connected to your “Heart-Mind” under all circumstances? You will be led through the process of discovering and then mastering your aware- ness using the specific practices and teachings of this system.

Practitioner Typing: You are unique. The Mahasiddha path recognizes this and teaches you how to customize the standard practices and sequencing on the path to enable you to attain the highest possible fruit in one lifetime. Unique typing technologies and teachings on the var- ious practitioner types will help you discover the type of practitioner you were born to be and to take the path that best suits you. This is the path of least resistance.

Oral Teachings on the Ahankara: The Ahankara or “self-image maker” is a powerful yet slippery force that can hijack your spiritual prog- ress at any moment during the beginning and middle stages of the path. However, it is also a mechanism that you can learn to use to attain the ultimate fruit of the path. How?...It becomes your greatest ally when you understand its nature as part of the kundalini process and ride its power back to Source. You’ll learn how to “turn the light” as it’s called, and transform your self-image maker from binder to liberator with these pith oral teachings blessed by the wisdom of the lineage masters.



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