Ayurveda & the Vajradeha (India)

Nov 25, 2019 - Dec 15, 2019 Venue: Kerala,India Contact: trikapath@gmail.com

Space is limited to 12 students due to the small size of the clinic. Exact fee will depend on your selected dates. Please discuss this, as well as the deposit figure, with Kannan directly.

General Retreat Description
To achieve any goals in life you need a good foundation. This is nowhere more apparent than in the spiritual path. If your end goal of practicing Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga is to stabilize your ability to abide in your essential nature through meditation or kundalini hatha yoga, cultivation of health is a priority.

Whether you are presently healthy or are dealing with a chronic illness, your body and its vitality will impact your path at every stage of the journey. Ayurveda is most commonly thought of as a system of healing, and as such it is nothing short of amazing, often healing conditions that do not respond to any other form of treatment. However, Ayurveda is much more than a medical system. Receiving Ayurvedic treatment and following its lifestyle principles is a form of alchemy that can generate the vitality needed to fuel your deeper spiritual practices.

Your guide on your journey of rejuvenation is the Dr. Ravi of Poonthottam Ayurvedashram. He is a recognized master practitioner hailing from a long and unbroken line of great masters, as well as being a dedicated practitioner of Śrī Vidyā and Dharma Bodhi’s dear friend. Dr. Ravi’s deeply spiritual nature and his profound understanding of the body, mind and energy systems allows him to understand the special needs of spiritual practitioners, especially Tantrikas.

In conjunction with your treatment, Dharma Bodhi will give a daily teaching on the Vajra-Deha, or “Immutable Body”. The Vajra-Deha Cycle of Teachings contains the keys to understanding the connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds as experienced through the body and its subtle energy systems.

Dharma Bodhi has not taught this complete cycle of teachings in retreat format for 17 years. It is a potent combination to be going through alchemical rejuvenation while simultaneously learning about the potentialities of the body’s physical and subtle energies through studying the Vajra-Deha Cycle.

Treatment Description
You will not know what treatments you will receive until you arrive and have had your initial one on one session with Dr. Ravi. Traditionally Ayurveda is not a “one size fits all” type of system, but instead is tailored to the unique needs of each person taking into consideration their age, constitutional composition of wind, fire and water, strength, history, current level of health, etc.

Most likely you will receive some variant of a very traditional form of treatment known as Pancha Karma adjusted for your specific needs. This will involve 5 purifying, harmonizing and strengthening “actions” using the powerful healing therapies and herbs of the jungles and mountains surrounding the clinic.

Your Intake:
First you will meet with Dr. Ravi to take your case history and discuss your current symptomology. He will create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs given your current situation and practice goals.

Treatment Plan Implementation:
Then, an assistant doctor and a therapist will be assigned to oversee and implement your customized treatment plan. The doctor assigned to you will be available for questions that may arise. It is recommended that you stay a minimum of 3 weeks to complete the process. If you are able to stay for a full month or more, that’s even better in most cases.

*Note: If you are a woman à it is best to come when your menses will not interfere with the treatment. You may want to check your schedule and come a few days earlier or later than the dates of the retreat proper to ensure that you will still receive your full treatment plan.

What Should I Expect?

It is important to know upfront that you may experience a certain level of discomfort physically, mentally, or both during this process. We have gone through this process numerous times and can promise you that it is completely worth it, and quite minor considering the powerful benefits you receive! You may experience:

     1. Food and Caffeine Cravings: For this type of healing to work, the clinic requires patients to be on a strict vegetarian diet. Very few spices are used. Food is bland. No coffee or tea is provided. Personal dietary requests based on preferences won’t be accommodated, but of course genuine food allergies will be considered. If you are very active and require a certain level of protein, you may bring protein powder with you to supplement your meals towards the end of your treatment after all purification and stripping has taken place. Of course it is advisable to seek Dr. Ravi’s advice about eating any foods or supplements other than those provided by the clinic’s chef to avoid causing any problems with your treatment.

     2. Headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, extreme fatigue and other detox-related symptoms: This is a REAL detox, which means side effects are expected…if you are in the right mindset you can celebrate every side-effect that comes as a positive sign that the treatment is working well.

     3. Boredom: Although the clinic is equipped with speedy wifi, there is not much else to do there and you are discouraged from leaving the clinic, being in the sun or exercising during the treatment. So, bring spiritual books, cards, board games, etc. if you have a hard time with boredom and tend to get restless easily, and you can also practice more sadhana when you are not getting treatments.

Post – Treatment Medication

Dr. Ravi may recommend that you take herbs after you leave the clinic. This is optional. Please know that there will be a fee for these medications, which is not included in the registration or teaching fee.

How to Register:

There are currently six cottages available for our group. Two people will be assigned to one cottage. Reservations can be booked directly with Kannan, the Administrator of the clinic. Please include the following in your registration email:

  1.      1. The dates of your stay, whether it’s for three weeks, four weeks or another variation (Dharma and Sukhalaya will be there from November 25th – December 15th.)
  2.      2. If you’d like to room with a friend or family member, then you need to reserve as a couple for one cottage. Please provide both full names
  3.      3. That you are joining Dharma’s group of students.
  4.      4. Please CC Sukhalaya in your email to Kannan so she can be informed of your registration with the clinic (trikapath@gmail.com).
  5.      5. Be sure to receive a registration confirmation directly from Kannan that includes the final payment price. Bring this with you upon arrival to the clinic.

The treatment, food and room are all included in one final price and will vary depending on the length of your visit, your selected room, etc. Please work directly with the clinic’s admin to assess the expected cost.

Kannan’s contact: poonthottamoffice@gmail.com

For further information regarding the clinic, you can visit: http://www.poonthottam.info/

** You will need to obtain an India visa prior to your departure. The easiest way to obtain one is online (called an e-visa).


To partake in daily classes with Dharma Bodhi during your treatment, you can complete the teaching fee payment in a few ways:

  1.   1. A Paypal transfer to pay@trikamethod.com
  2.   2. USD upon arrival
  3.   3. A bank transfer. You can write to trikapath@gmail.com for bank transfer details.

The Trika Method discount is not offered for this retreat.

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