Atmasakti Training

Apr 21, 2020 - Apr 28, 2020 Venue: Centrum Djoj, Rotterdam, Netherlands Contact:

Early Bird €550 (ends 28nd February 2020)
Full Price €650

Atmasakti: Nondual Tantrik Yoga

The Atmasakti cycle of dharma teachings and practices (translated to “Soul Power” in English) is designed to carry you through the essential groundwork of the first stage of the Mahāsiddha path – self-mastery. Without self-mastery, it’s nearly impossible to traverse and sustain the higher stages of the path known as time and light, as it is through self-mastery that we finally free ourselves from slips and falls of our own self-generated karmic conditioning.

Through soul power we can work with our unique karmic blocks in a way that creates resolution in all three expressions of human existence - body (action/conduct), energy (emotions/speech) and mind (thoughts/thinking habits). Each time you perform the Soul Power practices set you cultivate physical vitality, clarity of mind and purpose, cakra purification and activation of dormant potentials – including will power, creativity, equanimity and compassion. In a relatively short amount of time you will notice increased success in your spiritual practice and overall trajectory in life.

Whether you are a seasoned meditator looking to enrich your practice with more energy (passion and warmth), interested in healing psycho-emotional issues that are holding you back, or in reconditioning negative patterns of mind, emotion and behavior, Atmasakti contains the secret, key and action to accomplish this and the supportive practices to create stability at this new level of being. This is done by bridging the gap between your conscious mind and the omnipotent energy of your own Essence or Source.

What makes this cycle of teachings unique?
Originating from an unbroken tried and true lineage, Atmasakti encourages practitioners to show up deeper into reality as the basis for true spiritual growth. This is in direct contra-distinction to traditions that suggest transcendence or dissociation from life and the body believing these so-called “mundane” aspects of relative existence block our experience of our true Self . Tantrik Yogins have always been life embracing, and Atmasakti teaches you how to show up fully in your life by unleashing your inherent virtuous personality grounded upon unbridled compassion and love.


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