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Come with us to India this coming October to receive your Nadi Leaf Reading (an astrological consultation) with a recognized Master of Nadi Astrology, along with daily meditations and advanced classes in Tantrik philosophy regarding time, space and consciousness given by a highly accomplished practitioner of Tantrik Yoga.

What is A Nadi Leaf Reading?

Your Nadi Leaf is waiting to be discovered by you! This is a profound astrological consultation wherein you will receive the advice given by the Rishis, the great realized beings who carved their advice on palm leaves after “seeing” your life’s unique unfolding thousands of years ago. Your mind will be blown as you are immersed in an expanded experience of reality having gained the Rishi's invaluable advice on what you need to do in order to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Daily Visits to Olilayam Temple:

The Nadi Readings will be held at Olilayam Temple, “Temple of Holy Light”, which is a beautiful and spiritually charged temple complex built in honor of the Siddhas of the Nadi tradition. It is simply magnificent and built on sacred land, a blessing to merely walk its hallowed grounds. There you will see the Tantrik ritual masters performing the protective fire ceremonies, blessing the yantras and you may partake in “puja” or ritual offerings. It is a welcoming place for participants to meditate, walk the surrounding rural grounds, partake in ceremonies, rest, eat, and saturate in the advice just received from the Rishis. Daily excursions to other temples are scheduled as well, such as the Chidambaram temple to see the impressive 40-acre temple dedicated to Siva Nataraja, the Immortality temple where you will receive a long-life blessing and the Bhairava temple dedicated to the wrathful form of Siva.

Benefits of receiving a Nadi Leaf Reading:

- Discovering one’s purpose in life.
- Learning what steps should be taken to manifest your unique destiny projected by the Rishis through the Nadi Reading.
- Learning about our most relevant past life and the precise actions to be taken in this life to cancel out the negative effects of the limiting karmas accumulated. This can be as simple as performing certain mantras for a specified period of time or as elaborate as taking a short pilgrimage to certain sacred sites to make offerings.
- Receiving a hand-made yantra (talisman) empowered by Tantrik ritual masters. This yantra is to be carried or worn for a specific period of time to ameliorate the negative effects of past karmas.
- Receiving the bhasma (ritual ash) from the fire ceremonies used to empower your yantra. You will use the bhasma in a series of ritual baths in order to receive the empowerment of the ceremonies’ protective energies.
- Unbeknownst to you, many times the ill-wishes of ordinary people can be so strong as to create obstacles in your life that you cannot overcome without help. Your Nadi reading puts you in contact with powerfully protective energies. These protective energies are amplified by following the advice of the rishis (performing the advised spiritual exercises or sadhanas) after you receive your reading.
- After following the Rishi’s advice you can expect to live your allotted years in peace & contentment, enjoying the fruits of your life and benefitting all beings in the process.

Morning Meditations & Afternoon Lectures

Your guide during the Astro-Nadi Tour is Dharma Bodhi (Kol Martens). He has been studying, practicing and teaching Indian and Tibetan Tantrik Yoga for 30+ years. Dharma Bodhi will lead a meditation practice every morning to help you center and open into sacred time and space. Each afternoon he will give a class on the Tantrik conception of space/time and how we can transform our experience of it, as well as question & answer sessions on important topics to help you integrate the experience of receiving your Nadi Reading so you can gain the maximum benefit.

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