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Trika Mahasiddha Yoga Instructor Certification


Trika Mahasiddha Yoga is the original form of yoga developed by the legendary 84 Mahasiddhas who are the widely revered “Masters of Great Attainment” from India and Tibet.

These master yogins worked with the human body and its energies to produce tangible and profound self-development. They disposed of their culture’s religious and sexist limitations to create a powerful comprehensive body-path that leads ultimately to full realization and the Rainbow Body. The Path uses bandhas, pranayama, kriya, mantra, inner visualization, postures and meditations of Hatha Yoga in a synergistic way not seen in modern exercise-styled yoga that emphasizes physical postures.

If you want radiant health PLUS a Path of practice that gives you profound spiritual realization, Trika Mahasiddha Yoga will take you there.

Descriptions of the Levels of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga

Level I: Foundations of Mahasiddha Yoga (Embodying the Principles)

Topics include...

  • 18 Mahasiddha Yoga Asana of the 6 Primary Channels: structural alignment for maximal channel penetration and prana conduction
  • Generating Foundation Energy: physical body control & sensation enhancement training
  • Bandha - Preliminary Exercises (part one): learning the 4 primary “locks” to concentrate and conduct energy through the channels
  • Accessing the 5 Primary Channels and their functions
  • The Exercise of Centering: Revealing Energy as Awareness
  • Pranayama: developing conscious control of the length of inhalation and exhalation through the 4 basic techniques of breath control
  • Introduction to the philosophy of the Body Path of the Mahasiddhas.

Level II: Kumbhaka

Note: Level I is a pre-requisite for attending Level II.

Topics include...

  • 24 Mahasiddha Yoga Asana: Their specific effects on the esoteric anatomy, elements and prana
  • Bandha (part two): Advanced instructions in the correct and safe performance of the psycho-energetic “locks” to prevent subtle “prana-illnesses” caused by improper performance of bandha
  • Kriya Yoga Sadhana –Transforming body-energy to Essence (part one):
  • Nadi Practice – Progressive Fusion of Light, Sound and Breath
  • Advanced Pranayama: Learning the advanced methods of controlling the prana in preparation for Mahakumbhaka
  • Learning how to increase the length of breath-hold safely
  • Text Study (part one): The Secret Oral Transmission Explaining the Relevant Level II Verses from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • View Training: Understanding the philosophy of Mahasiddha Yoga and the Path of Body-Energy as the necessary counterpart to the Path of Meditation.
  • Esoteric Anatomy (part one): understanding the function of prana, nadi, cakra, bindu, nada, and kala in the mechanics of the alchemy of Mahasiddha
  • Yoga, plus dismantling popular misleading new-age views of cakras, channels and the path that can subvert real development
  • Nadi cleansing prior to raising Kundalini
  • Mantra Vidya - Establishing a Benefic Guiding Connection to iconic vehicles of enlightenment (part one)
  • Establishing Tangible Higher Cakra Function
  • Diet, Sleep and Exercise for amassing prana.
  • Dream Yoga (part one)

Level III: Mahakumbhaka

Note: In order to participate in Level III you must complete Level I and II and be able to…

1. Comfortably hold the breath for one minute,…

2. Have a doctor’s certificate clearing you of any cardiac and respiratory disease, diabetes, potential stroke, and hypertension

3. Sign a release form stating that you have no known mental disorders and are not currently on any psycho-active medication, either prescription or recreational.


Topics include...

  • Bandha (Part three)
  • Awakening Kundalini – Fusing the 5 Pranas
  • Mantra Vidya - Establishing a Benefic Guiding Connection to Iconic Vehicles of Enlightenment (part two)
  • The Path of Effortful-Surrender: Raising the Kundalini – Vedhasara Cakra Sadhana
  • Text Study: the secret oral transmission instructions of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (part two) and Macchanda Samhita (part one)
  • Esoteric Anatomy (part two)
  • Techniques to elongate breath retention
  • Dream Yoga (part two)
  • Muncara Practice
  • A specific asana system for use in retreat

Level IV: Enhancement Practices and the Body of Light

Note: In order to participate in Level IV you must complete Level I-III.

Topics Include...

  • Sample of Level IV Topics
  • Transforming Essence-Energy to Light
  • Practice of Light of the Sun
  • Dark Retreat
  • Mantra Vidya (part three)
  • Dream Yoga (part two)
  • Sadhana of Union of Sun & Moon: Fusion of male and female essences.
  • Union of Jivatma Bindu and Siva Bindu

Level V: Acarya Certification

Note: This level is invitation only and requires a lengthy solo practice retreat.

Acarya is the Sanskrit word for master of a spiritual tradition. An acarya has learned all of the knowledge and techniques of the path, plus they are grounded in the reified experience of the esoteric subtleties that the path is supposed to deliver, such as the attainment of virtues such as compassion and wisdom. An acarya is a “lineage holder” who receives formal authorization from an acarya of the previous generation. Trika Mahasiddha Yoga Acaryas are the only people authorized to teach all levels of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga, edit the curriculum, train and authorize new Trika Mahasiddha Yoga Acaryas.

Trika Meditation & Philosophy Instructor Certification

Level I: Meditation with Form

This is a practical foundational level course in learning to teach meditation with form as presented in the Central Asian meditation and philosophy traditions.

Who is this course for:

  • People wishing to learn meditation for the first time
  • The seasoned meditator seeking a wider view and more techniques of meditation, and…
  • People looking for a comprehensive and cohesive system of mind and spirit cultivation using meditation as the vehicle.
  • People who want to share meditation with others through teaching.

Skills You’ll Gain:

  • Present moment awareness as your base
  • Non-strenuous and undistracted focus of mind
  • Not being conditioned by situations & emotional reactions
  • Clear, calm mind
  • Being at ease, not resisting present experiences

The Benefits of Meditation:

There are numerous benefits that come from regular practice of meditation. These benefits have long been known within the meditation and yoga tradition of Central Asia, and now modern research by scientists from the fields of neuro-consciousness and neuro-immunology also confirm the amazing benefits of having a regular meditation practice.

  • Decreased inflammation systemically but specifically cardiac & brain
  • Increased positive healing hormone levels
  • Increased immune system function
  • Decreased stress
  • Decreased emotional reactivity
  • Increased ability to concentrate/focus
  • Increased memory capacity
  • Increased overall health & longevity

The Meditation Techniques:

You will learn to perform and instruct 10 important foundation techniques of meditation from the Central Asian meditation & philosophy traditions.

The Techniques Use:

  • Sensation
  • Breath
  • Relaxation of mental states
  • Sounding
  • Introversion of Senses
  • The 5 traditional elements
  • Virtues

Supporting Philosophy:

The supporting philosophy taught in this course will aid the practitioner in better understanding and contextualizing meditation practice with their life. This will ensure a seamless integration of the positive states of meditation during daily activity, and this is the most important result that can be achieved.

Topics include…

12 Stage View: Highlights of 1-3

The 12 stage view teachings give an overview of the entire journey of human realization from ignorance to enlightenment. Stage 1-3 will be explored in the context of meditation practice and the life of a meditator. This will help set the appropriate level of expectation for the practitioner.

6 Illusory Dreams

This teaching gives the practitioner a way to identify the relevant content of their mind and its conditioning to work with in order to be free of any mental-emotional limitations.

Text Study:

You will study a selection of relevant verses from meditation texts of the Central Asian meditation tradition. These texts will broaden and deepen your understanding of the practice of meditation, your mind and the potentials inherent within it.

Synergy of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga

*For maximum effectiveness as a practitioner and instructor of level one meditation we recommend you also complete Trika Mahasiddha Yoga levels one and two.


Trika Mentor Certification Training


This is a comprehensive program designed to give you the capability to successfully guide client’s through Trika Method’s 3 Core Journeys of Body, Mind, & Spirit, in one-one and group formats. Graduating the entry level training program qualifies you to work professionally as a Trika Method Mentor, and to be listed in the Instructor and Mentor Directory on the Trika method website.

Who qualifies become a Trika Mentor?

  • Anyone who wants to help people optimize their lives by guiding them in the 3 Core Journeys is eligible to train to become a Trika Method Mentor.
  • People who are primary health care providers, alternative health care providers, psychotherapists, social workers, life coaches, fitness trainers looking for a new way to work with clients.

After Passing the Exam

  • After completing the Trika Method Mentor Training and passing the exam you may practice professionally using the Trika Method as your main tool for guiding clients through the 3 Core Journeys.
  • Or you may elect to use the 3 Core Journeys as a supportive education system, in whole or parts, for your clients who are already under your care as a health-care professional or therapist.

Note: It is essential to complete the three Core Journeys yourself, in advance of the start date of the Mentor training you wish to attend. This will give you the necessary familiarity with the system and a foundation from which to learn how to mentor clients, especially pertaining to troubleshooting.

Structure of the Training:

Essential knowledge sessions followed by application drills and quizzing, plus plenty of role-play and creative problem solving exercises are important to gain the skill of working effectively in the moment with clients to create dynamic solutions to their blockages and issues.

The Knowledge:

Trika Method Mentors will benefit from having a deeper understanding of the scientific knowledge and research that informs Trika Method, therefore the training will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the system as a whole and of its specific techniques and guiding principles. This will prepare Mentors to draw on a wider base of knowledge for the advice and programs they will devise for their clients.