The Body Journey

  • 52 instructional video classes on cutting-edge nutrition, hormone rectification, harnessing sexual energy, establishing a rhythmic lifestyle and more…
  • 26 beginner-to-advanced workout videos that capitalize on strength training, circuits, functional fitness and endurance-strength for metabolic efficiency, hormone stimulation and mobile integration.
  • Weekly instructional yoga videos to promote digestive strength, organ massage and pranic circulation.
  • 50 delicious starter recipes and basic cooking lessons

Upgrade Your Body…


The Body Journey addresses…

  • Growth Hormone – Responsible for cellular regeneration, burning “bad fat”, increasing muscle mass, boosting immunity and healing the liver.
  • Insulin – Promotes abundant energy and absorption of nutrients. Healthy Insulin levels can cure cravings for sweets, obesity, fatigue and Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Leptin – A key “fat-burning” hormone. Triggering this hormone will help you burn fat the easy way.
  • Cortisol – An adaptive stress hormone. Balance this hormone to prevent bad fat gain, insulin resistance, immune-suppression and cardiovascular disease.
  • Testosterone – The hormone that is key to living a passionate life. Boost this hormone for clarity of mind, tons of energy, immune power, good muscle mass, and of course…a strong libido!
  • The Trika Method eating system is based on 2,000,000 years of human evolution. Learn to feed your body based on its natural design.
  • No calorie counting! No weighing food! No austerity! This eating system is plant-based, yet big on “protein-fat” foods (like steaks, chicken, cheeses, nuts, butter, coconut oil, etc.) that support overall energy levels, immune power and complete nutrition.
  • Unlike extreme ketogenic diets, “carbs” are scientifically placed in the eating system to increase fat-burn, decrease inflammation, and increase tissue regeneration.
  • A positive byproduct of the eating system is that it provides a regular detoxing action ensuring full utilization of nutrients ingested and gentle, safe cleansing of your digestive tract.
  • Feel powerful, agile, young and fit using Trika Method’s progressive exercise system.
  • Research proves interval workouts (H.I.I.T.) are #1 for longevity. The exercise system is based on functional-movement interval-training.
  • Step-by-step workouts take the beginner through a series of circuits gradually creating strength, anaerobic endurance, and increasing the body’s functional fitness. Workouts can be done in your own home, without needing fancy equipment.
  • Weekly “Salute to the Sun” Yoga class develops flexibility and co-ordination while massaging inner organs, increasing power of digestion and detoxing tissues.
  • Movement is Life!...Move the right way! We’ll show you how to move to create a rich inner chemistry of healing and rejuvenation.

Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister-science, offers herbs and lifestyle principles that can help you adapt to the modern high stress conditions of longer work hours, more toxic environments and nutritionally depleted foods. The wisdom of this ancient health and longevity practice is woven throughout the Trika Method Body Journey.

  • Herbs to strengthen and detoxify your digestive tract.
  • Herbs to cleanse and strengthen your liver.
  • Herbs to smoothly increase your energy and strength.
  • Herbs to calm the mind and promote deep sleep & recovery.
  • Elements of dinacarya (daily routine) for creating healthy bodily rhythms.
  • Tips and practices to stimulate strong digestive power - the foundation of your vitality, health and longevity.
  • Heal accumulated “wear & tear” damage in your tissues and organs.
  • Re-establish the inner biochemical environment you had when you were young. Literally create a “new” you.
  • Decrease systemic subclinical inflammation – the underlying cause of many crippling diseases.
  • Rejuvenate every night as you learn the simple secrets to getting deeply restful sleep and reverse depletion caused by insomnia, exhaustion and stress.
  • Prevent the killers on the rise in modern society – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression and senility.

The Power of Synergy

The Core Journeys create synergy between body, mind & spirit. Synergistic integration of these three aspects of being is the only way to bring out the full potential inherent in your natural human design. Though you may start with any one of the Core Journeys, we recommend starting with the Body Journey to form a solid base followed by the Mind and then Spirit Journeys.

Initial Offer = $20/month or $200/year

Our goal is to give you the best knowledge and tools you need to optimize your life for a fraction of what it would cost to do this at private sessions and expensive seminars. We’ll save you time, money and effort. You’ll gain access to a world of scientifically validated and effective self-optimization technologies. Best of all – this resource is at your fingertips for the price of a few cups of coffee per month!

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