Unwind Complexity

December 10, 2018

After over 43 years of working with people's health complaints and life challenges, I continually return to one overarching truth - modern human beings are progressively distancing themselves from all of the factors that create health, longevity, and a sense of abiding contentment. And just how are they accomplishing such an astounding feat? With very few exceptions human beings are introducing "complexity" into every aspect of their lives and have been steadily doing so ever since the Industrial Revolution, maybe earlier.

What I'm talking about here is "unnecessary complexity". There are many things and situations we cherish in our lives that are complex by their nature such as the strategy of a high level game of chess, feats of mechanical engineering or the skill set and thought processes needed in creating traditional "nail-less & screw-less" all-wood carpentry. These are the rare exceptions wherein complexity is inherent in the process or activity and it is essential to modern living. 

This can be contrasted with "voluntarily introduced" (and wholly unnecessary) complexity. For the past few hundred years human beings have been creating ever more complex inner conceptual worlds that have led to the creation or modification of the outer world that humans inhabit. Ever since the early Babylonians began to see "knowledge" as a "thing" that can stand in and of itself instead of being an inextricable aspect of life and its processes, we have been on an unrestrained journey to reify our most elaborate thoughts - think "computers" - an externalized intelligence mimicking human intelligence as an example.

When deeply contemplated, the trend towards greater and greater complexity is pathological and in many cases is threatening our species’ very survival. Take for example the environmental destruction occurring due to the manifestation of inner complexity (industrial-capitalism) not essential to human survival or optimization of quality of living. We've created this monster through complexity and now we attempt to create solutions to that are also based on increasing orders of complexity - chemical engineering and meteorological control, etc.

Human beings as a whole do not want to go back to functioning as ancient societies and couldn't reverse engineer themselves and their history even if they wanted to. The solution to creating a wise context in which complexity as a principle and its sequelae in the actual world can be assessed for its danger or value to society is based upon understanding human consciousness.

When human consciousness is recognized as the primary cause of health, wellbeing and true contentment (and the opposite) both individually and societally then we will begin to prioritize its exploration and training above what consciousness can manifest in the outer world. An approach to life that favors simplicity and natural concentration that are the results of a short amount of time spent in daily meditation is the only way to inject sanity into a world of complexity running wild.

You can begin to create your own inner world of simplicity and tranquility through learning what the mind is and working with it a bit each day. And you can immediately integrate the principle of simplicity in your life by asking yourself before each action you're about to take whether it will lead to more complexity or a reduction in your life's/mind's complexity. If you do this you'll begin a deep journey of essential relaxation, and you'll kiss goodbye the anxiety gripping states of modern society.

Written By:
Kol Martens (Dharma Bodhi)
Founder of Trika Method

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