About Trika Method

“Science of the Self”


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Trika Method is all about solutions and total life optimization. It delivers results through an easy to use 3-step formula that focuses on learning – integrating - and optimizing. Cutting edge research from the sciences of nutrition, exercise physiology, genetics, neuro-consciousness, and the “new physics” have been fused with Ayurveda, meditation, philosophy, yoga, martial arts and other time-tested technologies from the wisdom traditions of central Asia, to produce the most comprehensive and scientifically validated method of self-healing, self-discovery and life-optimization ever developed. 

We live in a time rich with opportunity, but are overwhelmed with information overload. Science is becoming the new gold standard to rely on for accurate information about ourselves and the world, but as we’ve seen science itself is continually overturning its previous theories for the new “correct” theory. So much of current scientific research is contradictory that it’s difficult to know what information is accurate, reliable and effective. This, combined with fast-paced stressful lives and more potential health problems than any time in history is why Trika Method was created.

Trika means “three” in the Sanskrit language and it symbolizes the three synergistic aspects of every human being – body, mind and spirit. In order to be whole all three must be optimized.

Get Support To…

  • Lose unwanted fat, get fit and increase longevity.
  • Cope with a life transition such as divorce, job loss, illness, etc.
  • Discover your innate capacities and live with meaning and purpose.
  • Reduce stress levels and find relief from emotional reactivity.
  • Achieve balance in all the different areas of your life.
  • Cultivate a path of spirit drawn from the Central Asian non-religious traditions of meditation and human realization.
  • Learn how to tap into and be supported by the unlimited source of your essence-nature

You Will Learn...

  • Primal Ayurveda for self-care, Cutting Edge Nutrition, and Functional Fitness.
  • Trika Mahasiddha Yoga, the original yoga tradition as practiced 1,000 years before it changed into a modern fitness craze.
  • Traditional Meditations as passed down by the Mahasiddhas, or “masters of great accomplishment”.
  • Non-competitive martial arts as a vehicle for self-awareness and spirit refinement
  • The wisdom of Non-Dual philosophy that will expand your consciousness.
  • Quick tips, breaking research, and advice on diet & exercise from Trika News feed and newly released video Journeys and webcast.

Kol Martens (Dharma Bodhi)

Kol Martens, the founder of Trika Method, began his own journey into the world of self-discovery and self-healing with the practice of traditional hatha yoga, meditation and martial arts. He was an avid reader of Asian philosophy but was equally interested in the modern sciences related to health and mind. In undergrad he enjoyed studying biochemistry, genetics, and psychology. In post-grad he earned a degree in chiropractic, and post-graduate certificates in physical therapy and spinal biophysics.

After graduation he dove deeply into the body-mind-spirit technologies of India, Tibet and China and learned from many great teachers. For over two decades he tested what he learned on himself and with thousands of patients and clients in his clinics, martial arts and yoga studios.

Seeing the staggering increase in the numbers of people suffering from the ailments of modernity such as stress, despair, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, pain syndromes, emotional and mental problems he put together a simple to understand, easy to use, yet effective system of self-discovery and self-healing based upon his direct experience with the wisdom traditions of the east and his knowledge of modern sciences.

VP of Curricula Development


While pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at CSPP in San Francisco, Stephanie met Kol Martens (founder of Trika Method) and began an in-depth study in the therapeutic modality for treating mental and emotional issues drawn from the philosophy and methodologies of non-dual Central Asian traditions of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.

Her training involved daily immersion in a rich learning and practice environment in the secluded mountains of northeast Thailand, deepened by traveling regularly to assist Dr. Martens in presenting retreats and seminars. During her training, Stephanie worked with clients one-on-one, taught Trika Mahasiddha Yoga at the Thailand center, and received specialized training in Tantrik Astrology with Claudia Alfonso and Kol Martens.

In 2015, Stephanie took on the role of VP of Curricula Development for Trika Method, helping Kol organize the vast array of knowledge and methods of the non-dual Central Asian yoga, meditation and medicine traditions into an easily accessible structure available worldwide. It was her desire and interest to see a method established with the practical application of habit formation to give people a formula to integrate these self-sciences into their lives to attain real change and growth.

Stephanie continues to travel, train and develop curricula for Trika Method. It is her passion to actualize her full potential on the human path via meditation, Trika Mahasiddha Yoga and Tantrik Astrology.

Service for Human Sustainability

“Help us uplift humanity...”


At Trika Method we are concerned with environmental, social, educational and human rights issues. These specific issues need more attention, funding and project-based solutions for humanity to make it through its current unstable period. Politicians are failing to address and solve these issues, and time is running out.

To this end Trika Method donates 3% of all net income to fund effective service programs. We are currently supporting and creating alliances with organizations making an impact in women’s rights and the environment. It is our plan to increase the scope of issues we support and percentage of donations as Trika Method grows.